Bisnis Kuliner Indonesia Di Kamboja | Kedai Bengawan Solo

Hello sidekicks, back to Insight Oktav with me Oktavianus Indonesian culinary is not just favourite domestically but also in Cambodia This becomes Indonesian culinary has been seen as a prospective business This time i will converge an Indonesian, Mr Suyatno living in Cambodia and running the Indonesian restaurant called, Bengawan Solo Unpredictably, Indonesian food has been well-accepted in Cambodia Check it out If you tour Cambodia, please not extremely worry can not conclude Indonesian food Several eateries are providing Indonesian food in this Angkor Wat country One of them is Bengawan Solo eatery located in St. 488 Phnom Penh Mr. Suyatno, the owner, an Indonesian citizen from Indramayu His food cook hobby becoming his fund to open Indonesian culinary business in Cambodia Not precisely servicing of the Indonesian food Bengawan Solo restaurant likewise maintains the authentic original perceive of Indonesia All the served menu are original wording home-made of Indonesian food Pak Yatno Can u tell us how can you create an Indonesian culinary business in Cambodia? It begins from my hunger to have a brand-new experience moving abroad outside Indonesia Coincidentally, i met a Cambodian guy living in Bandung, Indonesia we knew one another then i examined message from him Then i tried to survey and we opened the response was not bad Why you specified it’ Bengawan Solo’ pak? Because our lads both were born in Solo city, Indonesia Okay then when 1st occasion we arrived here there was our friend who is a’ major’ are living below Cambodia He said the Bengawan Solo song was well-recognized by King Sihanouk O yeah, there’s a Cambodian version of Bengawan Solo song Cambodian version of Bengawan Solo song He messaged us, better to identify it as Bengawan Solo In expression of the nutrient, did the local Cambodians response positively? Absolutely positive Especially like Ayam Goreng( fried chicken) they really like it At the beginning, they didn’t like Sambal( Indonesian chili sauce) But since we always act Sambal as a side-dish The chili seed watch frightening But when they are tried, they like it spicy? not more spicy, a little bit sweet suitable for their appetite What is the most favorite menu by the guests here? For Indonesian they like Ayam Penyet, spicy chicken, grilled chicken For regionals, they like Yellow fried chicken, Kalasan fried chicken Even now the tamarind vegetable soup, they too like it Bengawan Solo culinary business get started since 2004 Most of the guests are Indonesian people who lives in Cambodia But there are currently regionals Cambodian also like to eat now One of them is Bong Pitou Bro, why do you like to eat Indonesian food? Because it’s delicious.Fit with my flavor. Which menu you like “the worlds largest”? Coconut milk rice with fried chickens Why is it? The experience is right and i like it I ever eat now every week Thank you Beside that, Indonesian people who miss Indonesian food Also like to visit Bengawan Solo You like to eat here? Yes sure Generally which menu you like to order? Usually i lineup Ayam geprek or ayam penyet Why do u like to eat now? Because the most yummy preference is here real Indonesian taste is here Fit with my penchant Why do you like Indonesian food in Bengawan Solo? 1st coz it’s near my role , not more far 2nd the menu is Indonesian style i always like to eat What’s your favorite nutrient? When i visit here predominantly Yellow fried chicken Everyday Bengawan Solo open until 7PM in the evening helps until 50 components in average.Some of top selling meat of Bengawan Solo are: Yellow fried chicken and coconut milk rice Kalasan fried chicken Ayam penyet, ikan balado, tamarind vegetable soup Likewise Indonesian traditional chili paste produced by Bengawan Solo and has been labelled with special carton It’s very liked by purchasers even has been ordered to send to non-eu countries Bengawan Solo likewise provides gratifying like from Indonesian embassy in Phnom Penh for special events and during the pandemic Bengawan Solo performs online fiat through dwelling transmission service app foodpanda Apart of the prospect, Indonesian culinary business can be an effective scaffold to promote Indonesia in other country specifically in Cambodia For business buddy from Indonesia who seeing Cambodia please come to Bengawan Solo or maybe some of you run culinary business in Indonesia It’s an opportunity to open eatery or a chapter in Cambodia It’s prospective and promising We wait you in Cambodia Hope this video can give insight and inspiration..Bye.

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